Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Daily Figment - Part Boo! (Extra Special Halloween Edition)

I must admit that I have an affinity for older Disney cartoons, partly for the politically incorrect environment they were made in and partly for the fact that Walt had his hands on them.

In the spirit of Boo, take a minute and watch a cartoon that is played often in our house (George's note--a very creepy house): Mickey Mouse in Haunted House, from 1929, is an example of unrestricted creativity in a time when the country was struggling with the Great Depression. The highlight of the film is the organ scene in the parlor. The Grim Reaper-like figure that teaches Mickey how to rock the pipes is an early visual predecessor to many of the ghouls we know and love today. It's easy to draw a comparison to the Ring Wraiths and Dementors (Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter fiends) when watching this scene, albeit this scoundrel is much more compassionate.

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