Sunday, October 21, 2007

Daily Figment 88 - Poll Results 02

At least we can agree that California Adventure got something right the first time around. Everybody loves Soarin' as it easily outstripped the other Epcot Center attractions as the poll favorite.

What is the best new Epcot Center attraction?
Nemo and Friends 20% (11 votes)
Soarin' 47% (26 votes)
Mission Space 22% (12 votes)
Gran Fiesta Tour 2% (1 votes)
Test Track 9% (5 votes)

Mission Space and Nemo and Friends held up their own, although Nemo and Friends has spent much time as a source of heated discussion on many forums. This Disney Geek won a Magical Moment as my family was entering The Gran Fiesta Tour. Too bad the prize was a no wait ride on the Tour. Being that there was no line at the time, receiving the Magical Moment allowed several families to scoot ahead of us in the queue.

How magical indeed!

Please check out the new poll and let us know which overseas park you would most like to visit!
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