Sunday, October 28, 2007

Daily Figment 93 - The Grande(r) Canyon

Attention to detail is one of the overwhelming pleasures of Disney Parks around the world. There are several spaces at Disney that represent near perfect attempts at subliminal coercion through the use of details. One of my favorite examples of this is the fireplace in the lobby of The Wilderness Lodge. Not only is the fireplace an imposing centerpiece of great scale, it houses one of my favorite lobby facts of all the WDW resorts.

The fireplace took 2 billion years to make.

Well, the fireplace didn't, but the geological model for it did. The fireplace is a representation of the geological stratification of the Grand Canyon. In fact, it's exact! Every layer is represented accurately and for good measure a period faithful fossil is occasionally thrown in.

I can remember the very first time I experienced the lobby (yes, you have to use the word experienced--Disney said so!); my jaw dropped--as did most people's. It is undoubtedly one of the most impressive public spaces that Disney has ever created.

Once's all in the details.

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