Monday, August 13, 2007

Daily Figment 39 - Becoming a Disney Geek

daily_figment_02Becoming a Disney Geek.

Lesson 1.


I know, it sounds easy.

For a book professional like myself, I do spend a lot of time reading. I also spend a lot of time helping people find the book they need or want.

You don't have to just read books: blogs, Internet forums and Disney-related websites. Didier over at Disney History has created The Ultimate Disney Books Network.

Didier has broken the site into three areas: All Books, Books by Language and Books by Theme. In the Books by Theme section, he has created further delineation with ten sub-areas. Any beginning Disney Geek will want to make their first foray by checking out some of the titles in the Books About Disney Parks section.

My recommendations for Disney Geeks that are just trying on their ears:

For the Disney Geek that has been there and done that:

For the Uber Disney Geek (approaching Lou Mongello level):


elainamack said...

Now...we have so many books about Disney...that I just have to mention the decorative properties (I girly!). These books have some of the most amazing art work and photography. I have book easels and use them on shelves and around the house.

My favorites...One Day at Disney, Since the World Began and Inside the Dream. Forget the term 'Coffee Table' book because unless you have a REALLY nice coffee table they will make them look bad. Display them like artwork and enjoy.

Unknown said...

Unfortunately, the only Disney books I own that aren't trip planning related is the is the Around the World with Disney "coffee table" book that Michael from gave me

Rae! said...

I have a few really neat books of Disney.Some of art ,some of the old comic strips, history,etc,,

Trinitarian Mouse Fan said...

Hey George,
I'm intrigued by Marling's "Designing Disney's Theme Parks". Tell us more. I'm hooked on the Imagineering series BTW