Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Daily Figment 35 Happy Birthday!!!!

In honor of the Disneyland Haunted Mansion's 38th birthday tomorrow, I thought I would pay homage by pointing out one of the treats of opening day in 1969. Disney partnered with Carnation to create themed sundaes called I Scream Sundaes. This Disney Geek loves only one thing more than Doritoes: Ice Cream. So raise your spoon and consume a shreiking sherbert in a cryptic cone with whacko whipped cream and a chilling cherry on top to one of the most complete attractions ever built.

For some amazing backstory, great concept art, and comparions to the other Haunted Mansions around the Disney world, check out Jason Surrell's The Haunted Mansion: From the Magic Kingdom to the Movies (Disney Editions, October 2003).

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