Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Andrew and I started our blog one year ago, on May 12, 2007. He had just returned from an amazing week-long family vacation and really wanted to share his experiences with the world. We had both seen the family meltdowns, tantrums and people walking around the parks mad--we knew we could make a difference for other people going on vacation.

On May 12, 2007, we published our first article. Over 400 posts later and here we are. A lot of things have changed over the past 365 days that you have shared with us. We have seen an explosion of Disney-related blogs and we welcome each one with open arms--like a huge, extended Disney family. Andrew and I have always been about building community and we are proud to have so many friends and fellow Disney Geeks.

Highlights from the past year:

  • Attending MouseFest 2007 and meeting hundreds of like-minded souls. (And taking 2000 pictures, riding rides, eating, not sleeping and having an awesome time.)
  • Walking down Main St. USA with my brother.
  • Listening to the MouseFest 2007 Roundup on the WDW Radio Show. I am so glad we didn't pay PER mention. Funniest. Show. Ever.
  • Spending 4 days at Disneyland with Lou, Jeff and Eric. No sleep, food, the Space Mountain line, losing Jeff in Toontown and riding the Indiana Jones Adventure 8 times with Eric.

  • Getting to know so many amazing people: Big-Brian, Ryan, Richard Harrison, DOC, Princess Fee, Cory the Raven, Jennifer (Broke Hoedown) and Sambycat, Jeff B, Disney Dean, Honor Hunter, Walt Disneyana World, Bryan Ripper and Jonathan Dichter, Matt Hochberg, Fred Block, Brian Fee, Andy, and the amazing Vintage Disneyland guys (Matterhorn 1959, Jedblau, Chris Jepsen, Kevin Kidney, Major Pepperidge, Outside the Berm, Viewliner, Progressland, Dave L.). I know I have missed some, but everyone that we have linked to is a friend.
  • Working with the talented FoxFurr and the unstoppable Daveland (he posts more than we do!).
  • Getting the opportunity to appear on the WDW Radio show THREE times (Lou...Andy is still waiting on that call!).
  • 22 book reviews!
  • 404 Posts (including this one).
  • A very special meal at Yakitori House with Lou and Jeff, followed by some running.
  • Riding the Gran Fiesta Tour with my four-year old FIVE times.
  • Having my nine-year old take more pictures than me on our first day at Disney's Animal Kingdom Park this time.

A special thanks to my wife. Not only for putting up with me for the past year, but for helping me get all those amazing books, for actually wanting to vacation at Walt Disney World and for graciously letting me visit Walt Disney World and Disneyland for research. And for countless other things that are impossible to put into words.

Oh yeah...thanks to Andrew, too! For being my partner in crime and my best friend.

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