Monday, March 10, 2008

Favorite Imagineer, Part II (old school)

Allright, you spoke, we listened!

After a great debate and many comments, we have decided to have a second poll dedicated to old school Imagineers. The top two vote getters from last week and this week will square off against the top two from the 'new school Imagineers' bracket announced next week.

Last weeks winners were Marty Sklar and John Hench. They emerge with each gathering approximately 30% of the overalls votes.

Please visit the poll and register your vote for this new (old) batch of Imagineers!

This week's choices have been lovingly prepared in a light dream sauce and are presented on a bed of fresh fantasy:

  • Roger Broggie
  • Claude Coates
  • Harper Goff
  • X Atencio
  • Yale Gracey
  • Harriet Burns

Remember, only the top two will move on to the week 4 finals against the winners from last week (Hench and Sklar) and the winners from next week. Also, try not to let the pretty pictures George is posting from the West coast distract you. We have work to do here, people!

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