Thursday, February 28, 2008

Daily Figment 175: Books, Books and More Books!

There are 147 books in my Disney collection. (Even I can't believe I have that many.) When Andy and I started Imaginerding, I only had one shelf of Disney books on the bookcase.

One of the first books that I purchased about Disney is probably the annual souvenir guide from 1993-1994 and I purchased it on my first trip to Walt Disney World. After that, I slowly built my collection; souvenir guides, park guides and a few Disneyland titles made up the bulk of my early books. Now, I collect the biographies, animation titles, company histories, academic treatises, coffee-table books and anything else that catches my fancy--like the official and unofficial guidebooks (which are great for researching old attractions). Of course, I have my share of trivia books, as well. I do have to thank my wife for hunting down most of these books. I make the list and she scours the net. I think she enjoys the hunt as much as I enjoy reading them.

You can see all of my titles by visiting my LibraryThing catalog.

Book Update

I've had a lot more books come in over the past few weeks. I decided to wait till I had a few to do a post.

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