Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Daily Figment 160: Watch Your Step!

I've been a regular tourist aboard the Starspeeder 3000 on the ill-fated trip to Endor since my first visit to the Disney Hollywood Studios (nee MGM) in 1994. I've ridden the Disneyland and Disney Hollywood Studios versions more times than I can remember. Although we never quite make it to Endor, we always seem to end up safe and sound inside of a Star Wars themed gift shop.

The outside theming for the Walt Disney World version of Star Tours is much more extravagant, although once you are inside the queue, they are pretty much the same. One of the details that escaped me until my 2006 trip...

As you pass under the AT-AT walker in front of the building, you might not notice the enormous foot heading right for you! I can almost imagine that this is what Luke felt like on Hoth. Except that it wasn't cold, I wasn't leading Rogue Squadron and I wasn't defending the Rebel Base against the Imperial ground attack.

Hmmm...maybe I should stop typing right now.
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