Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Spirit of '76 Is Captured!

I love old postcards. Especially early Disney postcards This postcard is an example of Disney taking a picture as is for use on the card. No doctoring. No models. Just regular people on vacation.

Make sure to check out the two young ladies on the left side of the card (one has a yellow-orange shirt). Nice pants!

Big-Brian (one of our North Carolina Disney people) runs an amazing website: Walt Disney World: A History in Postcards. His site is a lot of fun to look at the history of Walt Disney World.

Big-Brian left a comment on this post which offers great insight into the postcard:
Another neat thing about this card is that it shows the old "sons and daughters of Liberty" ceremony, notice that there is a little girl between the Drummer and the flag bearer, presumably on the other side of the flag bearer there is probably a little boy, and there would be a proclamation read and the boy and girl would get a commemorative parchment scroll to take home. Even though the Liberty Square Fife and drum corps no longer exists, this same ceremony is performed, in Epcot, by The Spirit of America Fife and Drum corps.
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