Tuesday, June 5, 2012

La Luna by Enrico Casarosa, a Book Review

  • La Luna by Enrico Casarosa. 2012
As part of their internal training program, Pixar lets their upcoming writers and directors create an animated short that is shown in front of the feature. It is close to a proving ground, but the Pixar Brain Trust is still heavily involved.

The short that is being packaged with Brave is called La Luna and has been released as a picture book.

In La Luna, we meet a young boy who, for the first time, is going with his father and grandfather on their night job. The father and grandfather argue about the best way to do the job and...well, no spoilers, right?

The book was written by Enrico Casarosa, who was also the director of the short film. Enrico was a storyboard artist for UP, Ratatouille and Ice Age before being given the opportunity to direct this short film.

It is a very cute storybook and it looks like Pixar has created another charming and beautiful short. This is also a wonderful bedtime story.

I received a review copy of this title from Disney Publishing Worldwide.

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