Friday, April 1, 2011

Disney's Big Mistake

Many of you know that over the last four years, George and I have been pretty positive about Disney. We rarely have anything negative to say. Every once in a while, though, we do find something that we can complain about. Most of the time, when we find something negative, it is due to a shortcut that Disney took in creating or delivering a Disney experience. Well, today I would like to discuss one of those shortcomings and propose a way to correct the problem at hand. Just as Disney relented to Pixar’s demands that Toy Story 2 be completely scrapped and remade from its initial straight to DVD incarnation, I am hoping that this message finds its way to Disney executives who will understand the improvement this change would make.

But first, a little history. In 1959, Disneyland debuted the monorail transportation system, aptly called the Disneyland ALWEG Monorail. The train car is positioned on top of a single rail supported by concrete I beams. I assume everyone reading this has seen the monorail. If you have not, please slap yourself silly now. Here is where my primary complaint lies:

I am sure that in 1959, the single-rail technology was advanced and futuristic, but now we are in 2011. I believe Disney dropped the ball with this old and rickety single-railed technology. With all of the time and money the Imagineers have spent on plussing Disneyland and Walt Disney World, I wonder why they decided to skimp in this crucial area. My proposal is very Disney-like in its approach. Plainly put: two rails! Common sense dictates that doubling the rails would double the comfort and smoothness of the ride. In pure mathematical terms, twice the rails equals twice the luxury.

I recently met with a team of CAD engineers and concept artists over this groundbreaking two-rail concept. After many hours of discussing, brainstorming and hard core design work, my team was able to come up with a concept of what this futuristic, two-railed transportation system would look like.

Due to the amazing depth of calculations involved in my initial development plans, as well as my limited budget, I was only able to include one rail in the concept art above.
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