Monday, January 10, 2011

Book and Audio Updates


  • The Art of Mulan by Jeff Kurtti. Do I need to say anything else but Jeff Kurtti wrote this?
I was fortunate to get a signed copy of the book, as well. I did contact Jeff and he verified that it is his signature. Now, I just need to visit with the rest of my books to get them signed!

  • Disney and His Worlds by Alan Bryman. This is a socialogical treatise on Disney, consumerism and the theme parks. It looks really good.

  • Musical History of Disneyland (W/Book)This six-CD set with accompanying book (written by Stacia Martin and designed by Bruce Gordon) is absolutely stunning. It is particularly satisfying to listen to the music and read the book at the same time. I know, it is tough to be able to multi-task like a true Deek!

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