Monday, July 26, 2010

The Legend of the Three EPCOT Center books...

A few weeks ago, AmyBethCombs posted the following image on twitter:
I noticed that she had two of the three Walt Disney's EPCOT Center books by Richard Beard. It has long been an integral part of my Disney library and it is a title that every Disney enthusiast should own.

When I mentioned that she had two of the three, she questioned me about how to tell the differences between them.

There are three different version of the book:
The 1982 editions are similar except for some of the photos. The pre-opening version often has photographs of models instead of photographs of the pavilions. There will also be some differences in the interior shots. Scott Otis (fellow librarian and Disney book fiend) provided the following two shots for me from his personal collection, as I have three copies of the pre-opening version.

In this instance, you can see that the pre-opening version is on top. It has a picture of the model of the Living With the Land boat ride and another photograph of castmembers and Imagineers on the not-quite-finished attraction. The post-opening has a shot of the pavilion during a balloon release and shows guests on the finished ride.

There is not a discernible difference if you are hunting the 1982 books online. I would suggest contacting the seller to see if they will verify which edition they are selling.

Either way, the 1982 edition is a must have title for every Disney fan!

An older shot of Scott's Disney library. Thanks for the help, Scott!

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