Monday, February 15, 2010

Storage Options

In a recent twitter conversation with fellow bloggers Michael Crawford (@ProgressCityUSA) and Ryan Wilson (@MainStGazette), we discussed storage methods for some of our oversized Disney publications. Specifically, the Eyes & Ears Cast Member publication from Walt Disney World.

As you can see, the Eyes & Ears is quite large, even for an oversized periodical. It measures in at 11" X 17"!

For most of my other magazines (like The E-Ticket, Disney Files, Disney News, Disneyland Line and Disney Newsreel) I can fit them inside of large sheet protectors that fit inside of scrapbooking notebooks. Keeps them in one place and nicely organized.
None of us had a great solution to the problem on storing the large Eyes & Ears. Ryan was using foam-core and poster-board to stack and separate his collection. Michael had purchased some storage tubbies to keep his in. When the Imaginerding staff was shopping at Target the other day, we saw this Sterilite 4 Drawer Storage Cart  that looked big enough to hold the Eyes & Ears.

When we got it home, the Eyes & Ears fit perfectly in the drawers. The smaller top drawers were great for putting my regular-sized magazines until they could be filed. The only drawback was that the magazines did make the drawers rather heavy; you need to be careful when opening them!
A map filing system or lateral file would be great, too. Just as long as you keep them safe and away from dark, moist places.

How do you store your Disney ephemera? Leave a comment and share with us!
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