Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Did You Hear That?

Crossing Main Street USA at Disneyland is Center Street. Center Street East and West, to be exact. Turning right the Market House at Center Street East will lead you to the Lockers and Storage area. Surrounding the lockers are two unique buildings: Hotel Marceline and the Painless Dentist.

The Painless Dentist advertises the office of E.S Bitz, D.D.S. Licensed Laughing Gas. Dentists In Training.

If you listen closely, you can hear the sounds of the dental office. Wrong tooth?

The Hotel Marceline (Clean Rooms, Great Rates) is located opposite the Painless Dentist. If you loiter outside the open window, you can hear one of the guests of the hotel enjoying a shower. Of course, everyone knows why it is named Marceline, right?

Both of these fine establishments offer another detail to be treasured--an aural one. So, not only do you need to look up but you have to listen as well!

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