Tuesday, April 22, 2008


One of my favorite theme park activities is Spot the Kodak Picture Spot. It has become one of our favorite games at Imaginerding. Andrew and I will hold competitions to see who can nab the most during each trip. Here are some from 2008 and 2007.

The spot in Morocco has great design details and beautiful arches.

The UK sports a spot fit for a king.

Outside of Big Thunder is a more rustic spot.

A welcoming round spot outside the Rose Garden at the Magic Kingdom.

A rather ornate spot in a famous spot.

A spot fit for a princess.

Outside of the Jungle Cruise.

Can you find this spot in FutureWorld.

A Belle spot, non?

Nice spot, eh? Or pass the syrup-y spot.

One of the newer one-piece spots in...ASIA!

A spot of extinction!

In Vinyl Leaves: Walt Disney World And America, the author talks about the Kodak Picture Spot and how it confused people at first. Were you supposed to take a picture of the sign? Were you supposed to gather your family around the sign to take a picture? Eventually, Disney decided to add the picture of what you are supposed to be photographing. I love the looks I get, now, when take a picture of a Kodak Picture Spot.

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