Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Happy Birthday to...

Today is someone's birthday.

He might want to remain a little anoni-mouse, so we won't say much except:
  • Over the past year, he has become an amazing friend,
  • He is the inspiration behind Imaginerding (unless Lou is reading this, then Lou is the inspiration),
  • He knows more about animation than anyone else,
  • Even though he is getting older, he still commands a vast knowledge of Disney details,
  • He will walk a mile for Teppan Edo--even when it is closed!
  • He only owns one shirt (see pictures)!
  • He believes that the Three Caballeros are responsible for all of Disneyland, Walt Disney World and current animated features.
  • He did our logo!
  • And he can't be trusted with keeping his cell phone off of the monorail tracks!
So, to wish our anoni-mouse friend a Happy Birthday, we wanted to share a few pictures we took of him at MouseFest 2007.

On a personalized JSI at the Animal Kingdom

Getting some face time with a Wonka podcaster.

The fearsome foursome of blogging!

What can we say? It's the Fab Five!

Special thanks to Jessica, Matt, Ray and Lou for allowing us to deface more ways than one!

Happy Birthday, Buddy!
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