Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Daily Figment 61 - The Ultimate Collectible

The Ultimate Collectible

As you succumb to Disney fever, you are overwhelmed with a need to see mousifacts on a daily basis. You start buying books and perusing the web for your daily fix. To satiate this fever, many Disneyphiles (editor's note: they usually don't like being called Disney Geeks) turn to collectibles.

I submit to you the ultimate collectible: a monorail in your own backyard! Dan Pedersen of Fremont, California has constructed the ultimate reminder of a trip to WDW. For under $5,000.00 (not including his years of labor), Ken constructed a complex, usable monorail system in his own backyard. The monorail reaches a height of over eight feet and travels a lengthy 300 feet around his backyard, making several stops along the way.

Visit here for a few pics of the backyard wonder.

Here is Ken at the Goalpost Station. We hear you can substitute a snack for dessert at this station using the Backyard Dining Plan (BDP).

Check out The Monorail Society Homepage for other DIY projects and backyard monorails.

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