Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Meeting a Disney Legend: Charles Ridgway at Barnes & Noble, Winston-Salem, NC 6/5/2007

The Disney Geeks had a great time listening to Charles Ridgway, Disney Legend, talk about his experience working with Walt Disney and the Disney Company. Mr. Ridgway talked about putting 50 hats on 50 ducks, opening Walt Disney World, meeting and working with Walt Disney and opening Disneyland Paris. He showed us some pretty rare slides and some great shots of him trying to get out of the way of the pictures.

You can read about his career in his new book, Spinning Disney's World. It is one of those rare reads where you feel like you are reminiscing with an old friend. You can tell he truly enjoyed his 30+ years working for the Walt Disney Company.

Thanks to Jeff Pepper for setting up the signing. You can see more pictures from the event at my Flickr account.

Check back over the next several days to read about our questions for Charles and his answers--as well as our thoughts on meeting a Disney Legend.
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